About Us

THALASOPHIE is an Indonesian clothing brand founded in 2020, which focuses exclusively on women’s fashion, ready-to-wear clothes and accessories that provide a good blend of trendy, high quality, and affordable prices. Our mission is to provide local fashion through online shop that meets customer’s satisfaction, whilst also match their character.

THALASOPHIE is inspired by Thalassophile which defines as “a lover of the sea”. It is the perfect word to describe someone (like the founder herself) who loves the sea or ocean. This is where the brand’s name of Thalasophie comes from.

The idea of creating this online clothing store comes from creative mind of the founder herself, who has a passion in fashion and dreams to establish a local brand with local empowerment that work together with. She implements her interest in Fashion into Thalasophie.


Thalasophie Team